Why 5D Smiles


The Story Behind 5D Smiles

I am Dr. Henry Qiu, and I am the founder of 5D Smiles. I want to tell you why I created 5D Smiles. My parents immigrated here from China with nothing to their name, and I followed my parents’ dreams to become the first doctor in my family. Because my parents were uneducated, I had poor dental care, and after many frustrating visits to the dentist, I vowed to create a dental experience that would make my inner child proud.

As the only child of an immigrant family which spoke little English, I found difficulty communicating and understanding my emotions. This led me to discover my passion in the topics of communication and emotional intelligence.

My mission is to create an environment of ease and purpose through superb customer service, comfortable dental services that last a long time and resources to empower you to live your best life.

Here at 5D Smiles, we believe there are five dimensions to a smile:

  • A 1D Smile is an image, like a brochure.
  • A 2D Smile is beautiful.
  • A 3D Smile is functional.
  • A 4D Smile is the joy behind a smile.

Now the truth is life is not always roses and butterflies . . .

But we continue to find things we are grateful for, and we stay committed to the spirit of progress.

Now that is something we can all connect over.

That is a 5D Smile.

We invite you to call 562-923-4538 today to make an appointment with our dentist and learn more about how quality dental care in Downey, California, can help you achieve a 5D smile. We are excited to meet you!

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