Dental Crowns & Bridges


Dr. Henry Qiu offers dental crowns and bridges in Downey, California, to restore your damaged teeth and give you back a healthy smile. Crowns are custom made to cap a single tooth and fit in with your smile perfectly, restoring your appearance and protecting your teeth from any further damage once they are placed. Bridges, however, are usually recommended to replace missing or severely damaged teeth when they can no longer be restored with a single tooth crown. To schedule an appointment with our dentist and learn more about dental crowns and bridges, call 5D Smiles today at 562-923-4538.

If you have a tooth or teeth that need restoration, whether they are severely damaged, decayed or simply missing, Dr. Qiu may propose a dental crown or bridge as a potential solution. These are amongst the most common restorative treatments we offer at our practice and our team will thoroughly examine your smile and explain your options to help you decide if one or more of these restorations are the right choice for returning your teeth to full function and health.

Dental Crowns

Also known as dental caps or tooth crowns, dental crowns are a type of restoration designed to sit over and completely cover an infected tooth in order to restore its strength and appearance. There are many reasons why a tooth may be in need of a crown, including extensive damage from injury, decay or disease. A dental crown may also be the finishing touch on a dental implant or root canal treatment. Each tooth crown is customized to fit your mouth comfortably and beautifully, matching with the surrounding teeth and offering a long-lasting solution to your oral health needs.

Dental Bridges

Like dental crowns, dental bridges are used to restore your smile to its full health and beauty, though they achieve this by replacing missing teeth that are too far gone to be restored with a dental crown. When an extracted tooth goes too long without being replaced, the teeth around it can begin to shift out of position, making it more difficult to eat and speak normally and causing potential orthodontic issues. In order to avoid these problems, a dental bridge may be recommended as a tooth replacement option that fills, or quite literally bridges the gap left by a missing tooth. This new prosthetic tooth, or prosthetic teeth, is secured in place by the surrounding teeth, which may be healthy natural teeth that have been fitted with dental crowns and may be dental implants depending on your specific situation.

To learn more about dental bridges and tooth crowns, and to find out if one or both of these are the right restorative treatment for you, call or visit our office today to schedule your consultation.

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