Wisdom Teeth Removal


Dr. Henry Qiu provides wisdom tooth extraction to help keep your mouth and smile healthy. Your wisdom teeth rarely have enough space to erupt properly, and by extracting them, we can help you avoid tooth damage, misaligned teeth, infection and other oral health problems. Call 5D Smiles at 562-923-4538 to learn more about wisdom teeth removal in Downey, California, and make an appointment with our dentist.

Third molars are almost always the last teeth to erupt for a patient, often in the late teen years or early 20s, which is why they are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. Because they are the last to come in, however, they can also cause a myriad of problems if there is not enough room in a patient’s mouth to accommodate them. Wisdom teeth removal is recommended because wisdom teeth are often unable to fully break through the gums or jawbone, becoming impacted or shifting into the wrong angle and damaging surrounding teeth. When a tooth, wisdom teeth included, cannot erupt as it is meant to, it can:

  • Disrupt proper tooth alignment or orthodontic treatment
  • Damage neighboring teeth or jawbone
  • Become more susceptible to tooth decay
  • Infect or inflame surrounding soft tissue
  • Increase the likelihood of cysts

While some patients have their wisdom teeth erupt without complication, this is uncommon, and our dentist and team typically recommend the removal of the third molars if we suspect they will cause issues in the future. These recommendations will always be based on a thorough examination of your smile and tooth alignment, and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have about treatment during your consultation. If you do come into our office for wisdom tooth extraction, also known as wisdom tooth removal, we will do what we can to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

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